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Click on the image above to read the private diary of  Dave Waymer: a fictious character based on the lives of people I have met.

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About ...
Joel Wilborn,Jr.
I was born in a place called Ft.Campbell, Ky. The son of a military man. As a child I traveled Europe taking in new cultures and experiences. My life as a military dependent fueled my creativity. During this time I decided writing would be an important part of my life.

Thanks for visiting my site. Please take some time to read my stories of fiction by selecting a button to the left. Below I've included a little info about me. Enjoy!

Austin Peay State University     1982 - 1986

It was during my years at APSU that I got a chance to try the various writing styles of the world and find what I liked best. I served as reporter and news editor for the college paper, The All-State. Being a journalist gave me the opportunity to write for a specific audience with general interests.  I found I liked journalism ... still do.  I now have The Optimaniac.


Tennessee Bureau of Investigation     1986 - 1988

Working as a criminal investigator - special agent didn't give me much of an opportunity to write in the manner I was used to while in university.  But it did give me valuable experience that I use in my writings.  Much of what I did write as an agent was related to investigation cases.  Not very interesting reading for the public, but very educational for me.


US Military     1982 - 1997

I was in the US Marine Corps Reserve from 1982-88 and active US Air Force from 1988-97.  My years in the military allowed me to continue my travels as well as hone my technical writing skills.  I did not know how much I really enjoyed technical writing and researching until I was called upon to write technical documents, checklists, and training manuals for the Air Force.


Johnson Matthey Electronics     1997 - 1999

I continued using my technical writing skills while serving as a supervisor for JME.  I wrote training manuals, technical orders, operating procedures, and equipment checklists.

Well, enough about me. Let's talk about you. Do you feel under-appreciated in most of what you do? Do your friends love you for who you are and not what you are? How's family life?

No matter where you are in life or how you feel about it, you are well deserving of an accolade or two. As I mentioned earlier,  I have created The Optimaniac to provide you with the compliments you so richly deserve. After all, one can not have too many kind words in one's life.

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